Start small, Start now

tl;dr: Whatever you want to do in life always start small but most importantly start now.

I was listening to this podcast ‘Build & Launch‘ by Justin Jackson, where he talks about starting your own podcast. He takes you through the whole process of starting your own podcast from selecting your topic to selecting the equipment required. Around episode 2 Justin starts talking about getting started.

[Build & Launch] EP2: A ton of coffee and feeling good

This started to sink into me as I continued listening to the rest of the podcast on my commute to work. This line actually makes sense. ‘Start small, Start now’, it’s what I needed to hear to get my brain juices flowing.

Every time I try to start building a product or start writing a blog post or start reading a book, I always tend to worry about the tiny details rather than focus on the main subject at hand. I end up not finishing my product or leaving my blog post half written on drafts or even worst never end up reading the whole book. Starting small is key when you are working a 9 to 5 and trying to pursue your dreams as a maker.

‘Start now’, another key phrase for everyone out there trying to pursue your dreams. You can never know if you are truly good in something or not without trying and you cant say that you have tried without starting. It doesn’t matter if you fail at it, as long as you try. The best way to overcome failure is to keep low expectations when starting out.

This changed the way I looked at my projects, blog and even random stuff that I wanted to do. I have decided that what ever I do in my life, I will start small and start now.

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