Playing with typography


After you see some really good looking designs in your day to day life your mind starts to work and just sets this mockup on your head on something. This is what happened to me I tried to match it to what I had in mind so hard and I think it came out pretty well. Not sure about the floral design on the background though. Read More

Being creative once in a while


Life gets really busy when your busting your ass out working hard. Focusing on your job, and studies at night and also trying to be healthy hitting the gym all at the same time. You start losing the creativity that you once had when you had no sense of responsibility a few years back. Personally if ones creativity level is down in life the overview of life Read More

Skylake Build Log – Parts Rundown


So I decided to start building my own computer which can handle a good hand of some high performance programs like gaming, video editing and HD Photoshop editing. Now I do have to mention that this is a budget build but I will try my best to use the latest but affordable components. Read More

iOS 9 Released, Features and News


Apple released iOS 9 yesterday (Wednesday, September 16). Which is probably being downloaded by your iPhone already, unless you have already updated your iPhone. Without any further ado let’s get down with the latest features which were implemented in the latest iOS update. Read More

Designing with Bootstrap?


Bootstrap is probably one of the most popular web design framework’s out there. Being used by many startup companies to setup their websites. And rookie designers to design their websites without having to hire a web designer. Bootstrap comes with tonnes of features that you can design a killer website. With grid systems, alerts, to even Javascript featu Read More