Designing with Bootstrap?


Bootstrap is probably one of the most popular web design framework’s out there. Being used by many startup companies to setup their websites. And rookie designers to design their websites without having to hire a web designer. Bootstrap comes with tonnes of features that you can design a killer website. With grid systems, alerts, to even Javascript featu Read More

A fresh new look


I have been hosting my personal website for almost 4 years straight now but I always tend to ignore the design bit of my website. I would design the most basic landing page and use a downloaded WordPress theme for my blog. This is pretty much the first time I designed a WordPress theme for my personal website using all the knowledge I have in design and Read More

Is Windows 10 all that bad?


Windows 10 released about a couple of weeks back and everyone went crazy to get it installed on their systems. I’m guessing it’s because of the glorious return of the start menu. And probably because many of them got free upgrades. I opted for the free upgrade about a month back and was quite excited to upgrade the system myself. My current Read More



We all browse websites to gather information on things that we need or want to know. But a very few of those people actually want to know what is happening behind the website as they browse. When ever I browse a website the first thing I check is what platform is the website running on? Is it using a content management platform or a custom ground built Read More