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Top 5 Fashion instagrams


Instagram has become a valuable resource for inspiration, especially when it comes to fashion. Sometimes we loose hope when it comes to choosing that perfect outfit to buy. Unless you aren’t really worried about what you wear and how you look. But for those who actually do care about how they look and what they wear, shopping for clothes is quite a big deal (especially me). Buying clothes that are on top of today’s fashion trends is not easy without actually knowing what these new trends are. This is when Instagram comes in to the rescue.

There are alot of instagram accounts out there that are up to date with the latest fashion trends. But let me just list the top 5 instagram accounts that I turn to when I need inspiration.

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New Year, New Changes

Welcome to the newly setup and overhauled blog. I decided to remove the homepage and move my blog to the root folder instead since I never seem to design a website for myself. Anyway this year I plan to make use of my website for my blog alone.

I will be posting on topics related to technology, graphic design and web designing. More topics will be added to the blog once I start learning new subjects. Only time could tell what I will be posting on the blog, so let us see what exactly this might end up with.

As for the design of the blog I am still working on it. I plan on keeping the design minimal as possible so don’t expect major changes to the current version of the design. Oh and I will be sticking with WordPress for the long run (I know, don’t judge me for changing platforms constantly).